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OCOCOC By JustBaazaar

Best SEO Service For Location Business Promotion with Lots of Services Included CRM SEO SMM Email Marketing Community Building Website Maintenance and Much More

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Do you want to serve more customers, more students, more patients or more clients?

Here is a golden opportunity for your business.

OCOCOC by JustBaazaar promotes One Client in one category in one city

As a result, Your Business Appears on top of search engines like GOOGLE and you get maximum leads.

Complete peace of mind for you as we take care of your GMB Listing and complete Online presence optimization FB Twitter Youtube etc.

It is important to GRAB the opportunity as only ONE business is getting this offer.

We rank your business on the first page of search engines by NAME, unlike other directories that keep you in the category page.

Since 2016 we have many Happy and Satisfied clients from Medical, Education, Trade, and Retail sector.

Get maximum leads through OCOCOC by JustBaazaar.

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Create a Blue Ocean for your Business, grab all the costumers/clients, who are searching the services that you are providing to your existing costumers/clients. Rank in Google's Top Results, with the name of your business. Grow Your Business with OCOCOC, a Premium plan for you from JustBaazaar.

Rank Number one on Google, rank in the top results of Google. Ask us, how we are already helping businesses to grab more and more costumers. World is searching on Google, you should have your Business on Google. You Just have to take a small step, go for OCOCOC today.

Internet Marketing for Showrooms

Become No.1 Showroom in Your Location

Digital Marketing for Doctors and Hospitals

Treat More Patients in Your Medical Category

Get More business with Organic Traffic Digital Marketing

Get More Customers and More Clients in Your location

Best SEO Experts and Best SEO Company India New York London

Range on Top of Search Engines

Sell More Jewellery in Your City

Become Best Coaching Centre in Your City

Rehab Centres

Become Leading Packer and Mover in Your City

The OCOCOC stands for One Client One City One Category. In this plan, JustBaazaar promotes only One Client in One City in One Category. We give unbiased attention to our client's business promotion. That's why JustBaazaar has launched OCOCOC to help businessmen like you who are reading right now.

We know you are passionate about growing your business. You just need the right platform to promote your business. JustBaazaar is giving you this Opportunity to promote and grow your business.

We can rank your business with it's name in Google's top results. Think how powerful it can be, you can rule your business category in your city by ranking in the top results on google. Opt for OCOCOC Now! (One Client One City One Category). It is a Revolutionary Plan by JustBaazaar.

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Power of OCOCOC

Have you ever thought, of reaching unlimited clients/customer for your business? Yes, OCOCOC has made this possible. Now, you can reach unlimited numbers of client/customers by advertising your business organically in google.

World is searching on google for every thing, even for the products/services that you are selling/providing from your Store/Office/Clinic.

How will you feel? If someone search for the products/services that you are providing to people. And your Business will rank on the top with its name. Many businesses are doing the same to grow their business. They are using their money in the right direction, and getting benefits accordingly.

You can also rank your business on the top with your desired keywords. OCOCOC will rank you on the top of google with your business name, for your desired keywords. Serve more and more people with your products & services. Go for OCOCOC Today!

Have you checked the power of OCOCOC, if not scroll above and click the keywords given above for various businesses. The links will redirect to you the google search results for that keyword. There you can check the result coming on the top of other results. You will find these businesses ranked in the top positions.


One and only reason of its popularity is, this plan helps your business to be found in search results for your desired keywords. OCOCOC is a revolutionary plan for businesses. It is now very affordable also.

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OCOCOC-One City One Category One Client

Talk to Us, About How Can You Rule Your Business Category In Your City?

Become Unbeatable In your Business Category.

Opportunities Do Not Come Again and Again.

JustBaazaar is giving you this chance.

JustBaazaar is a Leading Business Directory and Online Business Promotion Company Around the world.

Have faith in us and proceed with us.

Some payment you have to make in advance, Then there is some monthly payment. It is the most luxurious business promotion plan you may have ever seen.

Progress or see others progressing. Choice is completely yours. Opportunities like OCOCOC do not come again and again. Start today.

Dear Business Owner, Want to see your business on the First page of google in 2021. Start today with OCOCOC by JustBaazaar. JustBaazaar is helping businesses like yours Since 2014. It is simple, you choose Your Keyword for which you want to Rank your Business on Top. And, we will rank it and will maintain it.

Also, we do FREE Website Creation and Maintenance. FREE Social Media Optimization. FREE Workflow Automation. WhatsApp Marketing. and Much more for your business in terms of Online Success. Do not miss this Precious Opportunity.

Upfront Charges - Depends on the work requirement

Reg Monthly Charges - Depends on the Work Requirement

This is better than all means of Advertisement in terms of ROI - Return on Investment.

JustBaazaar - Jitna Dikhega Utna Bikega

Charges are increasing soon. Hurry Up. We cannot keep the discount forever

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Powerful Testimonials for Sunil Chaudhary, Creator of OCOCOC By JustBaazaar

Sunil is a Man of His Words. He Delivers what he commits. - Sanjay Sharma, Founder - "The Tarotpreneur"

Sunil Provides the Best Digital Services and Resolves the Problems very fast. Go with Sunil and you will never regret.

Sunil is Great at SEO and I love this OCOCOC Service. We are getting patients from Multiple cities.

I Recommend Suniltams Guruji to Everyone who wants to experience Digital Growth. - Chirag Nagpal, A Business Owner

This was the kind of Digital Support, I was looking for. - Dr. Vijay Wadalbalkar, Leading Health Coach, Mumbai, India

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F A Q s

Frequently Asked Questions About OCOCOC Best SEO Service for Local Business Promotion India and The World. You can get most of your questions answered here. Rest we can discuss on Call/Video Call

What is OCOCOC service?

OCOCOC is an SEO based powerful service created by Sunil Chaudhary, Founder JustBaazaar. This service can only be provided to one client in one city for one category.

What are the charges?

OCOCOC Charges are mentioned below:

  1. Upfront charges - Rs 85000 INR. Discounted Price Rs. 45000

  2. Monthly Charges - SEO Only Rs. 5000, SEO & SMM - Rs 10000,

  3. Regular Social Media Creatives - Additional Charges - Not Required in Most Cases

  4. Content Writing for Blog Posts - Additional Charges - Not Required if you follow our strategy

  5. All charges are subject to change as the company deems fit. The Charges mentioned here will change on 31st March 2023.

How many keywords are covered?

One keyword of your preference is covered as we know that your business will appear for similar keywords as well because we are promoting only one client in one category.

What is the charge for Addtional keyword?

You can add additional keyword by paying only 20% of the upfront charges applicable at the time of subscription. Monthly payment will also increase by 20% for additional keywords. Please understand additional work and efforts are required to rank additional keywords. Hence, it is ok pay.

What is the charge for Addtional Location?

You can add an additional location if available by paying 50% of the upfront charges applicable at the time of subscription. Charges need lots of Consideration. For your current city, due to any reason if you have got discount, the additional city charges may be calculated on the standard charges.

How old is your company?

JustBaazaar started its operations in 2016 in January. The founder, Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji has been active professional since 2006.

Can you share your existing client's information?

Please refer to existing clients page and that is all we can share with you. More, we can surely discuss on a call/video call.

Can we pay the upfront charges in installments?

No, the subscribers has to pay the charges as applicable. If you have credit card, there you have option to pay in EMIs, you can opt for that.

Do you provide any agreement?

Yes, as our all communications are digital, we provide a digital agreement that is cloud-based in order to be efficient and transparent.

Will monthly charges be stable or will change?

For our existing clients, monthly charges are subject to increase every year by April month by 10% or more depending on the services include.

For New clients, the charges are applicable at the time of subscription. For example, if any of our clients are paying Rs 2000 in 2020, will have to pay Rs. 2200 from April 2021. However, a new client may have to pay Rs. 20000 towards the monthly subscription.

Old clients always have the privilege. So, we request you not to compare your charges with our old clients. Please focus on the value we are going to add to your business.

How will you do this?

This is confidential information and we are not supposed to share it with anyone. However, Your business will rank on the first page of Search Engines as committed and explained in the agreement for your preferred keyword.

We adopt Integrated Digital Marketing Practices developed by Suniltams Guruji.

What other benefits are there for OCOCOC Clients?

We provide highly exclusive and beneficial services to our clients as follows:

  1. Free Website Designing - Limited but useful options. For additional features, additional payment will be required.

  2. Social Media Service - Reasonable Discounted Price

  3. Google Workspace Services - Charges as per google

  4. Workflow Automation Service - Lots of Free Tools and Premium Tools at Reasonable price for OCOCOC Clients

  5. WhatsApp for Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Payment Reminders, Purchase Orders, Task Reminders, etc - Additional applicable charges required

  6. SMS Marketing - Transactional and Promotional - Charges as applicable

  7. Email Marketing - High-Quality Work and Almost FREE - For additional features, additional payment will be required per month.

All services are of high quality.

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Some of My Existing Clients

Dr Sangeeta Sinha

Laser Treatment Specialist

Vd Sumit Shrivastava

Ayurvedic Doctor Jabalpur

Dr Kunal Bahrani


TAMS Studies

Coaching Institute

Radharani Bhojnalaya Vrindavan

Radharani Bhojnalaya

Family Dhaba Vrindavan

Range Hills Public School

Range Hills Vidyasthali

Coaches and Mentors

Jagruti Gouda

Parent Coach

Vijay Wadagbalkar

Health Coach

Sanjay Sharmma

Tarot Coach

Arun Chakraborty

Sanjay Sharma

Best Tarot Reader India

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What All We Do For Our OCOCOC Clients

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Ranking on Top of Google Search Engine for Preferred Keywords

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Social Media Marketing

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Lead Generation

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Website Development

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Business Automation

πŸ‘‰πŸ» G-suite/Google Workspace Services

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Workflow Automation

πŸ‘‰πŸ» CRM Services

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Google My Business Ranking & Optimization

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