F A Q s

What is OCOCOC service?

OCOCOC is an SEO based powerful service derived by JustBaazaar. This service can only be provided to one client in one city for one category.

What are the charges?

The charges are as follows.

Upfront charges - Rs 25000 INR.

Monthly Charges - Rs 2000 INR.

All charges are subject to change as the company deems fit.

How many keywords are covered?

One keyword of your preference is covered as we know that your business will appear for similar keywords as well because we are promoting only one client in one category.

What is the charge for Addtional keyword?

You can add additional keyword by paying only 20% of the upfront charges applicable at the time of subscription.

What is the charge for Addtional Location?

You can add additional location if available by paying 50% of the upfront charges applicable at the time of subscription.

how old is your company?

JustBaazaar started its operations in 2016 in January.

Can you share your existing client's information?

Please refer to existing clients page and that is all we can share with you.

Can we pay the upfront charges in installments?

No, the subscribers has to pay the charges as applicable..

Do you provide any agreement?

Yes, as our all communications are digital, we provide digital agreement which is cloud based in order to be efficient and affordable.

Will monthly charges be stable or will change?

For our existing clients, monthly charges are subject to increase every year by April month by 10%. For New clients, the charges are applicable at the time of subscription. For example, if any of our clients is paying Rs 2000 in 2020, will have to pay Rs. 2200 from April 2021. However, a new client may have to pay Rs. 5000 towards the monthly subscription.

How will you do this?

This is confidential information and we are not supposed to share with anyone. However, Your business will rank on the first page of Search Engines as committed and explained in the agreement for your preferred keyword.

What other benefits are there for OCOCOC Clients?

We provide highly exclusive and beneficial services to our clients as follows:

  1. Free Website Designing - Limited but useful options. For Additional features, additional payment will be required

  2. Social Media Service - Reasonable Discounted Price

  3. Google Workspace Services - FREE Only Pay to Google

  4. Workflow Automation Service - Lots of Free Tools and Premium Tools at Reasonable price for OCOCOC Clients

  5. WhatsApp for Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Payment Reminders, Purchase Orders, Task Reminders, etc

  6. SMS Marketing - Transactional and Promotional

  7. Email Marketing - High Quality Work and Almost FREE

All services are of high quality.